Flow sight glass – KLINGER

Flow sight glasses, Tank sight glasses, Тubular sight glasses and other fittings for low and high pressure that allow direct observation of the flow.

Different type of models depending on the type of application and whole range of sizes acc. DIN or ANSI standards.

The Flow sight glasses consists of body (base and cover), glass, sealing gaskets. They have an option for additional accessories to complete the needs – spraying device, sight glass wiper, lights, floats and others. Available type of connection are: flanges acc. ANSI and DIN, threaded ends and wilding ends.

Available materials:
Body (cover) materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel or other special material acc. to the media resistane
Glass material: Soda lime or Borosilicate
Sealing materials: Klinger SIL, PTFE, EPDM others.

Application range:
Media range: Steam, condensate, chemicals, fuels and etc.
Pressure range: 6 bar up to 160 bar.
Temperatures range: up to 280°С

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