3 piece body ball valves NEW DESIGN 2022

Advantages of sealing element design KHA

  • The unique sealing system of the ball valve series KHA offers striking advantages which affect the service life, operational readiness, reliable function, operating costs, maintenance costs and tightness. Regardless of which sealing element version is used in a KHA ball valve, there are advantages common to all versions:
  • No coil springs – preloaded diaphragm
  • Robust design – no relaxation
  • Flexible & automatic pressure relief
  • High temperature abilities
  • Dynamic sealing chamber


No coil springs – preloaded diaphragm

No coil springs:
The prestressed diaphragm springs (A) ensure the contact of the seat with the ball.
The fluid and possible impurities can circulate behind the diapgram springs. There is no retention zone and no clogging ( Insensitive to impurities). The support ring (B) protect the sealing element against possible mechanical loads. An additional C4430 gasket (C) on housing pitch ensures increased tightness to atmosphere.
Preloaded diaphragm:
The absorption area of the medium pressure is not limited to the ball area, but encompasses the entire sealing element. In the event of an increase of differential pressure, the additional forces increase as well – the preloaded diaphragm springs (D) which press against the ball are subsequently relieved and service live further improved.


Robust design – no relaxation

The multi part design of the sealing element combines elastic and robust properties. The seal ring is chambered from 3 sides (protected) by cover and support disc for high stability and to avoid plastic deformation. For higher mechanical resilience, an additional support ring is used (support ring is not necessary when using one part sealing element design). This structure is also appropriate for pressure and temperature changes with no relaxation and perfect sealing characteristics.


Flexible design – automatic pressure relief

Due to the spring loads of the sealing elements and the position of the seal ring on the ball surface, possible particles in the media which can lead to damages on the ball will be absorbed (A). If the cavity pressure is higher than the spring force of the downstream sealing element, this element will lift off the ball and drain the cavity pressure in the pipe line (B). After that, the sealing element will move back in original position. This effect is only possible with the elastic design of these sealing elements.


High temperature abilities

All sealing elements with KFC seal ring (= 75% PTFE and 25% graphite) in standard or fire safe version are valid up to 300°C service temperature  (in comparison: PTFE sealing elements up to 200°C and viton sealing elements up to 150°C).
The metal special sealing element can be used until 400°C service temperatures.


Dynamic sealing chamber

The Ballostar KHA ball valve utilizes spring loads in two sealing elements for the function of the valve which results in an sealing chamber in which the loads of the sealing elements simultaneously work bidirectionally. When connecting the flanges with the centre piece the forces of the preloaded springs are released and press the sealing rings to the ball. This happens irrespective of whether there is fluid pressure or not. The forces still act at very low differential pressures and vacuum.


Technical information

Nominal Diameter:
from DN 10 mm up to DN 150 mm

Nominal pressure:
10 bar.,16 bar.,25 bar.
40 bar, 63 bar, 100 bar.

Working temperature:
From -196ºC up to 400ºC

Avalilable material:
Cast Iron GG-25, Carbon steel: 1.0619 and Stainless steel: 1.4408.

Connection design:

  • Flanges ends
  • welding ends
  • thread ends
  • with stem extension
  • Double block and bleed

Pneumatic actuators, Electric actuator, Stem extension for low temperature application, locking device and etc.

● unique KLINGER sealing system;
● 4 different types of stem packing – Stuffing box selection;
● Dynamic sealing chamber;
● Antistatic design;
● Flexible & automatic pressure relief;
● No service;
● Stuffing box selection
● ISO Flanges on top.

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